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Sophia Part II
(a snippet) by Brendan
added on 4/3/2014

After I brought Sophia before the Ark, my wish was for us to enter back into Heaven by the first way I entered it back in my first vision.

As much as I wanted to show her how important this was to me, she never took her eyes off of mine, while I carried her in my arms through the air. Even while I showed her this magnificent way to enter back into Heaven, she was just interested in me.

I wanted to show her the world! I wanted to do everything with her right there and now.

I'll never forget the placid look and love in her eyes as she stared into mine as we made our ascent back into Heaven.

I knew that this was big and that I never wanted us to be apart again.

So, I asked her as our bodies left the great field of green grass in Ireland, walking on air and heading towards heavens light, "How will I ever find you again after this? I am not only a spirit in the spirit, but a man in the physical, who happens to be in touch with the spirit. I don't want to let you go, but I'll have to return after this. And you, you are all in the spirit! 

Sophia: Whomever you choose, there I will go. And no matter who she is, it will be me because I love you and will always be there!


I knew I had to bring Sophia back to God, and as amazing and wonderful this part of the journey was, I wanted to steal her away and skip out of everything...hide us all away. But I knew I could not. 

Protilius: It was at that time that my skin began to feel warm and tingly. Up ahead, I saw this great ball of light and its rays reached out to me like many arms reaching out to hold me and Sophia. I said to her, " Are you ready? This is it!"

Sophia, however, said nothing...not verbally. No. She didn't need to. Everything she needed to say, she said with her eyes...and smile too.

We were both entering the light and headed for God.

That is when I heard a sound like thunder in the distance behind us. I looked up and I saw what I thought was a red crack in the sky at first...but then realized it was fire that was changing shape as if two opposing forces were clashing. It seemed to happen in waves...kind of like where two water waves meet head-on and create a rip in the ocean or two air masses collide and create thunderstorms. And every time they clashed together, I would hear this crackling sound that was getting louder and lots of red fire along the rip. That is when I thought I saw what appeared to be men as if from two different armies, high up in the sky. I thought to myself "impossible!" So I focused on them intently to try and see clearer. At the moment I did, a new clash had happened and there was red fire everywhere along the clash zone and a new (more defined) crack in the sky. That is when I realized that men (spirits) from both sides were battling it out and some were even falling from the sky to earth.

Sophia: Do you hear that sound? What is it??

Protilius: Turning to face her, I said "Nothing! All that matters is the love we have between our eyes." Then she put her head against my chest.

But I knew what that sound really was. It was Gods Angels and Empyreans making sure I brought Sophia back unharmed.

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Hecate (from Sophia Part 2)
by Brendan/Protilius ErmPhorus

In the week leading up to the journey of the spirit that I made that would bring Sophia home and back to God, I was a nervous wreck of a person. I honestly didn’t know if the plan would work and I had never made such a complex and multifaceted journey, ever! I was full of doubt. Sleep was scarce during that week leading up the date of 11/4/2012 or 11, which is the date of Sophia’s return. I had the plan all put together in my mind and then on that morning of 11/4, I was tired of questioning myself, I got angry, shut my eyes and the journey to Hecate began.


Begin Journey -

Upon arriving in the underworld with the children of the first dynasty, and two others from the 4th.. all of whom helped me carry the beautiful gold trunk with the Holy Grail inside, we noticed that Hecate was sitting on her throne. That is when I instructed my children to quickly stand in a row behind the trunk of the Grail, facing the opposite direction and to never look at the Grail once it is unveiled.

Protilius: After instructing my children and saw that they formed a perfect row and were safely facing away from the Grail and Hecate, I addressed her: “As you requested, I have brought you the greatest treasure from the kingdom of my father in Heaven.”

Hecate: “You promised me a golden trident and you think a cheap golden trunk will Suffice!? NEVER!!” SSS-SSSSSSSSSSSSSSS-SSSSSSSS "And who are these beings you bring with you? They are not welcome here!"

Protilius: “I brought something much, much more special and meaningful your highness. Something that I think will look quite familiar to you," I laughed. "And those beings you ask about, you will find out soon enough."

Hecate: That is when she stood up and shouted, “Liar! False prophet!!” Then she made a circular motion with both of her forefingers out in front of her. And from this imaginary circle a brilliant light appeared and from the center or within her, came 3 dragon-headed snakes, each about 10 feet tall and slithering. “Be careful Protilius which one you use your sword to slay, it just might be Sophia!” She declared and then laughed. “Hahahahaaaaaaa”

Protilius: Now staring at 3 large dragon headed snakes that were ready to strike at me with their teeth, I quickly put my shield up and looked “through” it to see what I was really dealing with. And to my amazement, one of those dragon-headed snakes was really a woman…SOPHIA! She looked scared and fragile. However, the other two in the middle and far left were the ones I wanted. So that is when I took off sprinting towards the dragon snake on the far left, leaped through the air and with one swipe of my sword, took the head of it, clean off. The rest of its body squirmed and slithered in place. Then, as soon as I landed on my feet, I willed my form into the shape of an enormous golden lion. I could hear Hecate screaming in the background and she was furious.

Hecate: “Don’t just sit there, eat him!!! EAT HIMMM!!!”

Protilius: Now, in the form of a lion, I paced back and forth sizing up my prey. And as I did so the dragon headed snake that was in the middle at first, merged with the one on the right which was really, Sophia. They became one for a moment and then split again, back into two. This was a problem because now I couldn’t be sure which one was not Sophia. Just then, as I began backing up on all fours to rethink my strategy, I heard the “Whooom, whooom, whooom” sound of a dragon pumping his wings. I instantly split my lion into a million particles of light, just in case… And to my utter amazement, I watched with perfect clarity from each of those particles of light as the dragon from my first visit to Sophia, the one who’s life I spared, fly head on into one of those dragon headed snakes, latching it’s jaws around its neck and tearing it to pieces with its razor sharp teeth. 

Protilius: I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and was honored that this dragon, which was the spawn of Sophia, was on my side. For a brief moment I watched and then willed myself back into the form of 
Protilius. I held my shield up and looked at the one remaining dragon-headed snake and sure enough, it was Sophia. That dragon knew which one was which, when I as a Lion, could not. That is when I heard Hecate screaming at the top of her lungs…

Hecate: “You stupid dragon! Look what you’ve done!!! I’ll have your head for this!”

Protilius: As she scolded her dragon spawn, which quite possibly had saved my life and the mission, the one remaining dragon-headed snake, which was really Sophia, was pulled back within the essence of Hecate. Poof! Gone! Seeing this, I turned and ran back to where the trunk containing the Holy Grail was. I shouted to my children once again, “Whatever you do, don’t look!” I began to unlatch the buckles holding the top half of the lid to the bottom. Then, after the last buckle was unlatched, I looked once more in the direction of Hecate who, standing over the dragon now laying in its dragon bed, was about to plunge a sword into its back.

I removed the lid to unveil the Holy Grail and shouted at Hecate, “Hey, Hecate, over here! Look!”

And when she turned and glanced in my direction, sword held high in striking position, just before spading that dragon, the shear and utter madness in her eyes turned to horror! She gasped, dropping her sword to the ground. Clang, clang, clang…

Protilius: “Hey Hecate, look familiar? It’s US!!! It’s me and you… Remember???” And as soon as I declared this, she let out a high pitched squeal and dropped to her hands and knees…crawling slowly in the direction of where I knelt next to the golden cup. 

And when Hecate was a close enough distance so that she could rise to her feet and look in the cup, I reached for one of her shaking, quivering hand.

Protilius: “Come on, my beautiful” I said to her. “You must stand up now and look within the cup.” So, I helped her to her feet and tears began rolling down her cheeks. While holding her hand I asked her again, “My beautiful, do you remember?”

Hecate: Nodding her head in the affirmative, she uttered, “Yes, yes I do…” and began crying uncontrollably.

Protilius: I wiped the tears from her cheeks and declared to her as God did to me when he brought me before the Grail: 

“The cup, this is OUR BODY! The blood, this is OUR SOUL!! And the bone in the blood of the cup means we are a part of GOD!!!” 

And just when I finished declaring this to her, her eyes rolled back in her head and her legs became wobbly and she fell backwards. Catching her in my arms, I dropped to my knees to break the fall as she fainted. I held her close in my arms and realized I was crying too. I ran my fingers through her soft hair, caressing her and loving her. It was at that time I heard my children who were only several feet away, with their backs still turned in the opposite direction. And they were crying tears of joy.

Then, I heard the tacky sound of toenails clicking on the floor behind me. I turned and watched as that dragon cautiously and yet, curiously, walked up to the Grail to sniff it. And when it sniffed the blood in the cup that is the Grail, it let out a few sneezes in short order. That dragon began backing up quickly after that!

Protilius: "You ham! Now go back to your bed because that cup is not for you, silly!" The dragon returned to its bed.

I realized I had to put the lid of the trunk back over the Grail so that my children could meet their mother before she came to again, as Lilith. I let her down gently on the floor, got up and put the lid over the grail and latched it back up.

“My children” I declared, “You may turn around now.” That is when I knelt back down on my knees to hold Hecate close in my arms as she was still unconscious.

In pairs and as Divine Complements, Invatharion & Parathius, Protithius & Invalarion, Promethius & Idatharian, Parilius & Idavarion, and Protharus and Idagordava all came forward to kiss their mother on her forehead. Then, from out of nowhere, Elloweina appeared before us, knelt down next to us and smiled.

Elloweina: “You’re going to need to get the Grail out of here before she wakes up. I will return it to God with the help of some of the other Angels.”

Protilius: “Thank you, Elloweina! But I’m gonna need you to come back…just in case.”

Elloweina: “I promise I will be right back!” She said and then leaned forward to kiss Hecate on her cheek. “Good job, brother!”

Protilius: “Without you, none of this would have been possible,” I replied. "You deserve the credit!"

Moments later, I witnessed a group of Angelic beings appear and Elloweina instructed them what to do with the Holy Grail. Then, they along with the Grail,flew it out of there.

With Hecate in my arms, my children all kneeling around us and stroking/patting her in a display of love and affection, I began to hear something stirring within her. It was a sound like a cat purring. It was getting louder and louder and it almost seemed to fill the room, as if it could be coming from anywhere even though I knew it was coming from within her. It was Lilith! Hecate had relinquished her power and soon I would have to put into effect, Phase 2 of the plan to bring Sophia home.

When her eyes began to slowly open, I knew immediately it was Lilith by the energy beaming from them. That is when I felt her finger making flirtatious spirals with my right ear. She smiled that Lilith smile. I had to act quickly!

Protilius: “Children,” I declared, “Phase 2 of operation Sophia is in effect! You know what to do, now get busy! Go, go, go!!!”

To be continued….

Plastic Dreams
A vision, by Paula

Outside in a forest of trees was a huge circular clearing. In this clearing was a brilliant pink aura of light that had an appearance of water glistening in the sun. The atmosphere around the clearing was brilliant blue and green hues of color mingling together. The trees were gigantic and filled with various types of fruit. The flowers amidst the trees were towering as high as the beings inside the inner clearing.

As my vision moved forward toward the pink aura in the middle of the clearing, I saw Brendan in the midst of the aura. There were eight people surrounding him and the aura. They weren’t the beings I saw laying in the circle, dreaming of experiences as before. These beings were human. Everyone was wearing a royal blue uniform type clothing, as Brendan described in earlier journal entries. Each human wore a cape and the neck of the cape had these gold buttons on either side of the opening of the collar. A golden chain attached to each button head, fastening the cloak/cape together.

Brendan smiled when I returned to look at him. His eyes were a sparkling blue and his gaze was like I’ve seen it many times when we’re together. Brendan then lifted his arm toward me and held out his hand. Light radiated from his palm to me and he motioned for me to join him. As I entered the circle the aura hugged our bodies and danced around us in a bizarre fashion moving in every direction at once. Music began playing. Later, I found the song on the internet. It’s called Plastic Dreams by JayDee. Hence the name of this latest journal entry.

Brendan and I joined left hands and as we did, the other humans also joined in holding hands. Everyone began to elevate off the ground. The eight humans were spinning around Brendan and I as we lifted to the top of the giant aura. The others were slightly below us, spinning round like a merry-go-round at a fair. We then lifted our right hands into the air toward the brilliant yellow-orange sky. The music was still playing.

In unison I heard Protilius and Idavathian’s voices. “Royal Spirit, One Creator, we show ourselves to you. We are one with you and we are grateful for your gift of life.” Just as these words were spoken a brilliant light appeared above Brendan and I. The light was quite blinding to the human eye, but there was this feeling of complete bliss that filled all of us. You could see the love the Ten of us have for one another. You could literally see the love spilling out of every human and the Royal Spirit. I could see a figure inside the light, but I couldn’t tell if this figure was male or female. I could only tell by the voice that radiated out of the light was male in sound. This voice was deep and vibrating and shook the forest as he spoke. This was the I AM and here is what I can remember, of what he said. 

“My children, be at peace and know I will take care of you. Things of your experience as you see it are dreams of only one existence. Embrace your experiences and do not fear. You are not alone. My children, WE ARE ONE. I love you, for you are part of me.”

Brendan and I looked around to see everyone, including ourselves, and we were glowing with the light from above us. Beams of light were coming from the Royal Spirit and shined on us all.

Again he spoke. “Small one, come to me.” Suddenly, Spirit Mother (Elloweina) appeared and started flying around the bright light and went inside. As she did, the light that was there beamed even brighter for a few seconds. As she came out of the light it shattered into a billion brilliant light sparks. It reminded me of the Cincinnati WEBN fireworks. She then came spiraling down out of the bluish purple clouds and was laughing.

She came just above Brendan and I, and smiled her angelic smile and said. “See, feel, taste, touch and smell every experience you have. You need to experience everything you do with love. Do not sway from this. Don’t be bitter or hate. This doesn’t serve you at all. Have faith in the Oneness we have and The Royal Divine Spirit. Trust yourselves for you only do what you feel is right.” As she continued, she flew like a hummingbird in all different directions in the clearing. She flew in between each human and was humming to the music that was playing. As she did this she left a scattering trail of sparkling green symbols. Some looked like triangles, stars, and rings of light. Others were strange because they looked like odd shaped ovals, paint blotches, pyramids and scissors. (Brendan’s scissors he painted in his art, but only these were sparkling green). She spoke again saying, “SHOW HER, Show Paula more!”

Each of us then took our right hands from the sky and placed them over our eyes as we still held hands with our partners. The music became louder and the symbols were flying in every direction. I was shocked to see what I saw next. As we removed our hands from our eyes, we pulled off these plastic faces and threw them into the air. They disappeared as they rose into the sky. “Oh my, Brendan was Protilius and I was Idavathian. The other eight humans were the eight beings from the statues/ and the round table which I will describe from other of these journey’s / visions.

Protilius and Idavathian spoke together. “Love as one. Love yourselves and love us for we are you.. No more fighting or becoming angry with your experience. We want you to know our lives’ as we’ve known yours and that will come in time. EXPERIENCE YOUR LIFE AS WE DO. You shall experience ours too. In time, all will be revealed and you will know, there is ONLY ONE.”

The Brilliant Blinding light appeared once again and the light beams touched all of us. Spirit Mother again went into the light. As she did, all ten of us were lifted inside with her. A flash occurred and poof.darkness!
​Twin Flames, Birthing into Oneness
by Paula ~February, 2009

Back on September 10, 2008, Brendan wrote about us being guided. I enjoyed what he wrote. He is a much better writer than I am. (Brendan says: Disagree!) I would like to expand on what his writings with some thoughts of my own on growth.

I have come to realize as these experiences and dreams occur that we’re in another growth process. It seems just when we think we’re comfortable in our Twin Flame relationship the universe pushes us further to knock us off balance. Sometimes I think it’s purposeful to keep us growing.

Our growth as a couple is tremendously wild and fast. We wanted to go slow but that’s never happened in any way. We’ve been on a wonderful magical roller coaster. Sometimes we’d like to jump off, but we don’t.

The best way I can describe the process is this. It feels like giving birth to a baby. You’re happy you’ve gone into labor. It’s such a relief to know you’ll soon be much lighter and have an easier time getting around. The labor begins and at first, you feel small contractions. You think to yourself, “Wow, this is great!” The contractions become stronger and closer together. This is when you think, I don’t know if I can do this. You know you must continue because there’s no turning back. Now you’re in pain. The baby is pushing itself out. You start screaming, “Get this thing out of me!” You want drugs or to be numbed. You’ll do anything to stop the pain. Let’s say you don’t use them. The labor is so intense. You feel on the verge of death. Now the baby starts to crown. You’re so excited, in excruciating pain, and have mixed feelings about loving and hating this experience simultaneously. When he’s born, you feel blissful that a miracle just happened. Nothing is better than this. In a Twin Flame relationship, you may feel this birthing repeatedly.

Part of this guidance has taught me that if we stay in our comfort zone, growth doesn’t occur as rapidly. Knocking us off balance pushes us further to seek out answers and ask more questions. I believe this growth helps us evolve into our full potential. Fear can sometimes make you want to run. Running is not the answer in our case. If we ran, it would mean our death. We feel this physically, mentally and spiritually. We’ve done this and nothing has ever felt worse. We just need to remember that God knows and we don’t. We need to trust our inner wisdom and follow that. Our heart knows what our heads try to make us run from.

I’ve noticed another thing about being guided. When our hearts feel blissful and our intuition says, “Just do it,” then that’s what we do. What I mean is this. I’ve taken off to his home 900 miles away on the spur of the moment only to text him I was coming. We’ve planned a night before to meet half way to see each other. We’ve broken many of man’s rules and our families opened up like no other’s I’ve ever heard of in history. I wish I could expand on that but at this time I won’t. That’s something Brendan and I will write together when we’re living with each other. This is a whole story in itself.

We’re also being guided through our dreams, visions, intuition, and our works of art and poetry from the past. There have been so many nights where neither of us gets any real rest from dreaming. These dreams are one right after another. They don’t make much sense sometimes and other times our dreams are like locks and keys to one another. I have one part and he has the other. When we share these dreams, we can figure it out. We are amazed this happens and it happens frequently these days.

Visions we’ve shared have also share the lock and key. Like Brendan stated in his article yesterday, he drew those twin symbols over a decade ago and I saw a vision in P-Town back in May that lead me to draw those twins in July. I drew them repeatedly until I felt as if they were right. When I emailed them to him, I did not think twice about it. Then when I was visiting him, I saw his art and I was humbled by the resemblance of his and mine. We both had visions as children playing together since we were young. When we shared this with one another, we found there were so many commonalities it was the same experience. Then there was the vision of the psi attacker. We both saw him the same night. Our visions are something we take seriously and pay attention to. They have showed us many things to let us know we are connected. They keep us knowing we’re always one.

Our intuition is something we have both had many challenges with lately. We are learning to trust one another's intuition. This is the most current phase of growth and being guided. I know when Brendan has told me something is not right with a person my radar doesn’t seem to kick in. For instance, I thought this group of people who were our friends was to be trusted, only to find that there were a few in the group who only wanted to cause us trouble. This caused a big heartache in the end. I wanted to believe that all people have great intentions but sometimes they don’t. I should know better since I’m a psychiatric nurse. I have my radar on at work but not much of the rest of the time. I especially don’t have it on when I’m with him. I’m only focused on us. He then makes me aware of things to protect us. I know one day I’ll listen. (LOL, the Leo in me is stubborn).

His challenge is equally as difficult in the area of intuition. For example, we were going to rent this place and we were all excited about it. We talked about it all evening. When we went to bed, I woke up in the middle of the night. I was terrified. Everything about the house I thought was so right initially was immediately so wrong. Brendan didn’t understand and why would he after we both were so excited and definite on this place. We were at odds and this was definitely new to us since we’ve agreed on practically everything up to this point. For days we were not happy. He wanted it and I didn’t. He liked the location and so did I. It was ripping me apart. Finally, a few days later I found a house before going to work. I emailed him. It was only a few blocks from the other house we looked at. It was perfect. Both of us agreed this was the one. It’s roomy for our big families which is important. I wanted to have some place to grow as a family as well as have my family and friends are able to visit without paying the high price of hotel bills in a resort town. It was intuition that kicked in that night. We’re renting starting 11/1. Imagine that! However, if you add that 1 to the 2 and 8 in the year 2008 - you get another 11 which equals 11 11. There’s a set of numbers for you.

Many things guide us, including our spirit mother. I’m not sure if that’s what she is. We’ve discussed her being a spirit mother but we’ve also wondered if there is such thing as a TRI-Flame. If anyone has experienced this, let us know. She has been showing me things through dreams. We’ve touched on this a little in the past. Our spirit mother (Elloweina) is one entity who is such a comfort when she guides us. You know she keeps telling us both 11 is important and we are one. We’re still figuring her out.

Being guided is a very difficult process. It’s one of complete trust in what you feel, see and do. It’s also learning to trust a person with whom your connected with and what they’ve been guided to also. When you’re not used to fully trusting a person and you’ve found your Twin Flame (Tri-flame) it can feel like the whole birthing experience. We’re at the time when the baby is crowning and it’s all those mixed up emotions at once. Our birth is coming and the miracle is here. We know it’s worth the pain to go through all we’ve been through. I’d be willing to do it again, knowing what I’ve experienced already. I can only imagine with eager anticipation of what has yet to come.
Touched by God
A Journey by Brendan

Being a man in this life, there is only so much I can do on any given day. I try to do as much as I can for family and friends…helping whenever I can. But I constantly find myself up against things that I cannot change, such as the round thing on the wall with a long hand and a short hand that ticks. Realizing that I have only so much "time" on a given day, I try and make the most of every minute of every hour of every day. That is why, while being laid up with a bad cold today I got to thinking that I should journey back to God and ask what more I could do to help... and even touch people.

I lay down in bed this afternoon and shut my eyes. Being under the weather, I realized going into this journey that my being sick might prohibit journeying at all. But after about 5 minutes, the Angel Elloweina became visible. She had her hair very short this time, was wearing her wings, and looked like a beautiful angel. She already knew what I wanted.

Elloweina said: B…I don’t think you should do it. You’re not well enough yet.

Protilius: I just have to ask a question is all. I will be okay.

Elloweina: Remember the last time you went to God? How did you feel?? It took you months to recover! Imagine feeling like you do now and then going before God? I am against it!

Protilius: Trust me…I must go ask this one question that is burning within me.

I had already had my mind made up and there was nothing that Elloweina could do to stop me. She smiled and shook her head. I hugged her. Then, I set my intentions on God.

After a few moments passed, I found myself in The House of God. To my left and to my right inside of his house, there were large Ionic style columns that always remind me of Greek architecture. But upon arriving, I realized that I was at the other end of this building …which was different than in times I have gone there in the past. I knew this because his throne was at the opposite end of this large, solemn, rectangular shaped room of his house with very high ceilings. Actually, this room is architecturally shaped, much like the Parthenon in Athens, Greece. What is is about the same size. And inside…the floors seemed to be made of stone – much like marble? I couldn’t be sure but the floors reminded me of marble and had a polished look.. His throne was also stone and it more resembled something like Granite....with 3 steps leading up to the stony seat that God so often takes. And there are two stony arm rests...very wide and upon them there were two large books - one to left and one to the right. Those books were propped up and ready for God to write in them on a moments notice.

As my awareness sharpened up, I noticed God was not sitting on his throne, but standing up in front of it. He walked over to the right of the throne and picked something off of a shelf that was hidden behind giant Ionic Columns. When he re-emerged, I could tell it was a book he picked up – but not the very large books that he carried in the Rites of The Heart articles. No…this was like an ordinary book. Then he began making his way over to me.

God was clothed in a very long white robe with a cloth strap that acted as a belt. He was also wearing his sandals that displayed his toes which look like ordinary human toes. His big white beard was still the same as it was in other journeys I had visited him in, and his aura glowed in a golden hue.

When he came up before me and stopped, standing about 5 feet away, that is when I asked the question without hesitation.

Protilius: “God…my Father…I want to be able to help more people but I am only one person. How can help and touch more people?” And as I asked the question, I noticed that God would squint his eyes and do these things with his lips (side to side manner)…as if he were weighing every single word of this question and feeling out the meaning of it within my heart to know where it is coming from. Although I am used to having every cell in my body searched by God whenever I have gone before him in times past, I still felt like an ant being looked at under a microscope. But it’s okay…I understand why he does this. I am used to it and not the least bit intimidated...unlike in times of the past.

That is when I noticed that the Angel, Elloweina, had appeared to my left and was there to witness whatever was to come and act as a guide and helper.

God then opened the book he carried over with him...stepping a little closer to me. He held it open in his left hand, began reading and it was in a language I did not understand. Then, in an unexpected turn of events, while he was reading this book in a language that reminded me of Latin, he put his right hand out and touched me gently on my forehead with his forefinger. And when he did, not only did Protilius feel it, but Brendan felt it too. I literally could feel him tap me on my forehead as my physical body lay in bed. Then, he did it again as he continued to read, only taking his eyes off the book briefly. This time, I (Brendan) opened my eyes after being touched because there was something electric about his touch and I was in disbelief by what I could physically feel. It was like a current of energy that for the lack of a better way to put it – tickled! But I very clearly felt the tapping too. So, I shut my eyes and on the third time he tapped me ever so gently on my forehead, his finger stayed there and so did the energy on my forehead back home. Then he shut the book with his left hand and looked at me in the eyes. His finger then slowly started to work its way gradually down the side of my face and God, serious and intense as he is, smiled at me.

Meanwhile, while all of this was going on, I could hear Elloweina to my left, telling me that God was giving me a gift that would enable me to help more people and that he was "putting it in me."

God said: “When you come across people in your life, repeat what I have just done with you by touching each person you meet, three times on the forehead. And on the third time, without removing your finger, tell them: ‘As life and love are eternal within the heart of God, so too shall love and everlasting life be eternal within you.’ Do this wherever you go and feel compelled to and you’ll touch many!”

End Journey ~
The Fruits of Yin and Yang ~ Adam & Eve 
by Paula

When one thinks of Twin Flames one thinks of a relationship between a single white-violet flame soul who was split many times throughout many lifetimes. Once this flame comes together again, one has a sacred relationship made of divine love and the marriage that was made by God.  

Since the beginning of the Bible in Genesis in its second chapter we learn about twin flames Adam and Eve. We learn that God breathed life into Adams nostrils and made him come to life and Eve was made from Adam’s side to be his companion. Eve was to help Adam tend the land and they were innocent of duality. Soon they would gain the knowledge of God by eating fruit from the forbidden tree. This tree was forbidden because of the secrets it held. One of those secrets was duality. This duality was the two powers of good and evil so to speak. Problem was that there was more evil than good as time went on. Twin flames grew farther and farther apart by splitting, thus experiencing pain and learning about fear. After Adam and Eve ate of the fruit, they hid from God because they realized they were naked. Their eyes were opened up to the polarity of this universe and this is the first written account of twin flames.

Getting back to the secrets of duality… this was something God wanted each of the twin flame couples to experience. Every one of us has a twin flame and depending on where you are in your life path... in your reincarnation journey, is how aware of your twin flame you really are. Duality was meant to be learned and experienced by us; each twin flame was meant to experience both powers of good and evil. Of course this is the illusion of our 3D world but it is our reality as we know it on this earth.  

Did God make a mistake by putting the Tree of Life amidst the beautiful garden and tell Adam and Eve not to eat the fruit? No - Father-Mother God did not! Our creator already knew what was going to happen and intended them to eat the fruit. One of God’s purposes was for us to experience the duality of polar opposites. He also intended for us to come together again and spread his love to the earth.

Before Adam and Eve ate the fruit, there was harmony. Everything was in its blissful state. They were cosmic lovers in harmony with each other and God. They had heaven on earth. After the fruit was eaten, they lost that perfect harmony of divine masculine and divine feminine - being one with God.

Nevertheless, all of us volunteered to come from The Plains before ever descending to earth and before the earth was ever created. We are all part of God through matter. Everything is all made up of protons, neutrons, and electrons all arranged in different patterns to make up this great universe. In our illusion we see something as a solid object which is not its actual makeup. We are all just small particles that lead straight to the source. We are polar opposites, Alpha and Omega, yin and yang, divine masculine and divine feminine and so on. Twin flames are the Yin that’s always aware of its yang or the alpha that is aware of its omega. Even if the twin flames are separated they yearn for the part of them they are aware of. The soul cries out for its other until it is recognized and there is a longing to become connected with that soul and with God.

Normally when twin flames recognize one another it is because they are aware of their higher purpose to spread love until we are all back with our Divine Creator. Spreading the message of oneness and love is what the twin flame couple is reconnected to do. Twins are together to raise consciousness of humanity and help others to reconnect with their higher selves and God. Twin flames will assist one another in this process of higher awareness and to spread their knowledge with others. They will do this through their humbleness and not be boastful. They will not be ego driven.

Twin Flame couples will not predict if another has found their Twin Flame. They are only placed together again in their final reincarnation as lovers to share their love with others. This does not mean you don’t ever reincarnate with your twin at other times, because you do. They just may not be placed in your life as your lover. You will only recognize your twin after you have experienced all your other life experiences and after your soul cries out to your Twin and to God asking to become one again. There is no special prayer for this to happen, it just happens when God plans it to.  

That old bumper sticker that states, “God doesn’t make mistakes” is true. There is a divine purpose for everything under heaven even if we as beings don’t understand it.

Spiritual growth happens before you meet your twin flame but becomes more rapid when you’re reconnected with your twin. Your higher self will show you things you may not understand at the time you see it, but eventually it will make sense to you. Remember this is a process of rebirth and growth and you will not be perfect until you are merged as one with God again.
The Twin Flame Path
written in 2008
by Brendan

For most people who find their twin flame, after having had many soulmate relationships, they will begin the process of awakening.

It would seem that for the majority who find their twin are not even looking or not even aware that such a relationship could exist. Only upon finding the twin and having had many synchronicities and cosmic experiences that they begin to look for answers. There seems to be a sort of commonality here that my twin and I certainly share and have found the same to be true with many others.

When twins come together in the beginning, they may find themselves in a magnificent period of ecstasy that they have never experienced before. They will be unstoppable in their love and affection toward one another. In this period, the ego that they have relied upon, is in shock.

As time moves on and this depends on their own unique circumstances, they begin to look for answers as they realize that there love goes far deeper than anything they've ever known. As they begin to receive confirmation after confirmation from others who are finding their twin to heavenly answers that seem to come from just that - heaven, they realize a greater sense of self and this may set them on the path to their final mission which is spiritual in nature. This is the Twin Flame Path.

In the meantime, as their relationship unfolds, their energies will start to balance and the ego begins to realize, something is amiss. There is much to be written about this, alone. For when their energies start to balance it may seem like world war 3 is being waged in their souls. Any past karma that was never made right will come front and center, in the face of that relationship and will need immediate balancing.

The ego begins to play a major role. The paths of these individuals from the time they are born right up until the time they are reunited are quite a bit different than anyone elses. From the beginning, whether they know it or not, their mission has always been to come together and collapse duality. In order to do this, they have been tried, all of their lives and have had many obstacles to overcome. Their lives have not been easy ones by any stretch. In overcoming these obstacles they have had to rely on the ego at times to get them by in that dualistic world. In doings so, they have become masters, if you will. After becoming masters in the "concrete" sense, as the shamans of antiquity have called it, they are then ready to become masters of the "abstract." The concrete, being the earthly ways and the abstract, being the spiritual ways.

So when their energies start to balance they will find that they have to dismantle, so to speak, that very ego that they have relied upon for all of their lives. While they may have had a spiritual path before the reunion of their twin, this ego has also protected them to varying degrees. But now this ego must be dismantled for the balancing of their engergies to come into alignment and be truly "one" with each other.

While the energies of the twins are balancing there world may seem to "fall apart." I have many theories on this, but I feel that anything that is material in nature and is not in tune with the spirit world, must come down. What ensues, is a period of collapse. This seems to be another commonality amongst twin flames: the fact that they may find themselves, losing their job, their homes, their old lifestyles, and even their old habits. The losses of these things, when they happen, most of the time they will have no control over it. They just happen! It will be as if it's been designed by a higher power and that it is. How long each one of these balancing periods lasts will simply depend on how heavy they have had to rely upon their ego in the past.

As all of these things are playing out in the twin flame relationship, they will begin to hone their new or not so new found psychic abilities. For those who have been working on their abilities their whole lives, the reunion with the twin will greatly enhance what ever talents they had before. And for those who never realized the gifts that they could utilize, upon the reunion with their twin, they will likely be, "awakened."

The realization by the twins of their ability to collapse space and time can be a wondrous period of enlightenment. Even if they are still living seperately on the planet or in different dimensions nothing can keep them apart. If they are living apart they will quickly realize that through many mediums they can still be with each other - even if they are living on opposite sides of this planet. Through the dreamstate, meditation and even by simply closing their eyes, they will be able to reach out and connect with one another.

Their love for each other is timeless. Time itself seems to slow down and altogether stop, especially when they come together in the flesh. I have many theories as to these time related commonalities that twin flames, share, but I have a hunch that when enough twin flames come together, at a certain point, I believe that they will usher in the so called "new age," that has been prophesied about.

I have witnessed this collapse of time and if the simple reunion of a twin flame couple can do this, imagine what the reunions of 1 million couples could do in a world population of 6.8 billion souls. I believe at some point in "time" that there will be a tipping point that will lead to this mass awakening.

I can only imagine what the ramifications would be, but I believe it could be both wonderful and chaotic at the same time - the birthing of a new age.