Your Twin Flame Is Coming
Your Twin Flame
Is Coming - The Mayan Calendar & Your Birthright
By Patricia McNeilly

Hello all my sweet   sisters  and  brothers,  this is a message I received in the  wee hours  of this  morning. I KNOW  some of you are   VERY  tired and  wish  to  commence your  True  Life,  with your  ONE.

I will have some  commentary  after the  message  to  expand upon it,   based upon  what I was  able to feel and  perceive as the  recipient.

This  message is  from  the Divine Feminine &   "Elemental  Realm Entities"   and  many of us  have not had  a true  understanding of WHO they are,  and  that they  ARE  actual  living  entities with their  own  Lives and existence.

Now,   Our  Evolution as  beings,  and  "Beings  in FORM",  has  been a very long process.  Emphasis on Process.   It has involved  many cycles of  "doing"  "experiencing"  and  "learning"  before  "BEING"  once again.   Basically in a nutshell,  we at one  time  in our  ONENESS  were  entities who existed and wished to  EXPLORE,   so we set up a GRAND EXPLORATION,  in order learn all that is  [ALL THAT IS]  the  Creations of the LOVE force & Love.   The  Maya,  is an  energetic part of this  LOVE which  went forth to  set up the  "structure of this exploration"  and at  various  times  we had to  "change it up"  and  "re-Structure"  and  so,  this is  the  evolution from Creation. Creations who have  evolved.   So therefore, as  Goddesses/Gods we are Creators and Evolutionists at the  same time.
The  Mayan  Calendar,  is the  "structure "  that was Prearranged, set up, and now is  the  end of this cycle.   

In  some ways,  SHE [Divine Feminine] has  given to me  to understand  that it is  as  simple  as a  Kitchen  Timer.

It is  also   very  similar  to a  timer  on a  bank vault,   it has  been  PRE-SET   to time out  exactly at this time.     So  we  prearranged this time to  go home,  no matter what.    There was  never  any  intention to continue this in  perpetuity.   Many  have woken  up,  more  are  soon to  AWAKEN!    Time to  take  all the  little  pretty sweet cupcakes  out of the  oven!


"We  are and  have been  Known as the  Devas,  the Fairies, and by  certain names,  such as  "Pan & Pandora", the "GreenLord & Lady",  and the Ones  you have called the  "Minor Gods"  & " The Virtues"  and "The Graces".   We are the  "Elemental People". The Magnetic Core of the  Earth [The Elemental] is what   "HOLDS"  things  to Her [Earth/Gaia].

What is  being  "held"  will Change -  It will no longer hold the  Egoic Mind nor the  Damage [entropy] to the  Psyche, collectively nor  individually.

What you have is a One Time  Event, to let go of  all issues, both  collectively & individually, and to have it  Taken off.

The  Twins  have always been here and  We have been taking off the  Entropy.

We are and we have been in this  Position since the  Fall of Atlantis & Lemuria. After the  Fall, there was  much  Damage and  Pain that had been inflicted from  one Human group onto another Human group, and all the  rest of the  planet had been affected by it.

Everybody had been affected by it including YOURSELVES.
NOW-- this is your opportunity to be a very Light Being in quite the literal sense of the word. IT is your  BIRTHRIGHT.

This is the forward direction of everybody, and when the others have awakened, you will have your hands full, but only in the sense of assisting them by being "Living Examples"......

The 11/11/11   Gateway is a Portal,  and it is an Energy  Portal.
This time of the  Mayan  Structure[calendar] is a time lock,  it is not  a vacuum.    There will be a sense of  upliftment and a sense of  things  lightening  up as the density goes.   And yet there will be those that will not  fully release all their  entropy as individuals. We are here to assist, NOT to guide, and NOT to "do for you". You are NOW BECOMING your own Guides. We will be there at the Gate and we will assist. We will be going so that we may now take away this Density.

WE are the ONES who promised to come back to do this.  We are  ONES who are  also  living on this Planet.    WE ARE YOU. YOU ARE US. We are very expectant that you will soon see who we have been and who is here NOW.

The Twins have always been here. And we have been taking off the last of the Entropy [density] that was still lingering, since the Fall of Atlantis and Lemuria.

It is with utmost respect that we acknowledge the Gift that is being given by the Twin Flames.

We have been expecting to be free for quite some time and NOW we will be.

We have made a collective decision to Ascend at this time. We have also decided to go to the New Earth which has been prepared and we will be who WE Truly ARE. YOU WILL BE JOINING US.

We love you,  you are  our  brothers and  sisters,  we are a part of ALL THAT IS."

end message

This was a very upbeat message in feel and in tone.  And it is firmly being stated to you that  WE ARE  GOING.   Several beings that are moving on--- there are the  Elementals [Middle Earth], the  Seraphic Beings, and Animal [angelic] Beings upon the  planet are  going.  And  they are  finally  free to do so,  the time is here!    Because you have  made the  decision to keep on your  TF path,  and have not wavered,  Your Twin is  going!   The  Higher Will is that they  will go by  "any means  necessary".  And for some Twins, this means that they will feel the intense pull of  11/11,  and you will absolutely encounter them in 3D.  ALTHOUGH-- they  certainly have a free will choice to do it BEFORE THEN!  BUT MAKE NO MISTAKE--THEY WILL BE WITH YOU! In the physical!  It is  necessary!  And you are the ONES who have been  prepared for this time-- spiritually, mentally, emotionally-- and PHYSICALLY!

Many "others" will also  be going-- and it will NOT matter who has been eating organic, fasting, if you've reached a tolerance level for those who have a huge capacity for NON-love,  who uses  gasoline,  who recycles,  who meditates,  who masturbates,  etc etc.    If it is your agreement, you and your Twin are JUST GOING!!!     As I understand it,  and please don't shoot the  messenger,  some of you will enter the  5th Dimension fully,  with full  conscious  awareness,  encounter your Twin,  who will also have full Conscious awareness, and then  KNOW each other,  and who each other is,  and  MOVE to meet each other in  3D.   There are  no chances  being taken  here,  because  this  time,  is  a  time of a FULL ON  Merge with  ALL THAT IS/Central SUN of ALL THAT IS.   AND  THIS OPPORTUNITY WILL NOT BE BLOWN ON EGO/FEAR!!!

In the last go around [of Ascension], which was 11,000 years ago,   many of us were fearful,  or  overly  concerned about friends and  loved ones,  and some  stayed behind.  And  those who we have had as "guides" are actually our faithful friends who are seeing us through to this Finality of the "Old Cycle". The  New is  here, and they will assist us into it!

Now, there is NO finger pointing. This was  pre-planned.  And I have even had the understanding that there have been "plans within plans" on the higher levels, with us all interacting and mingling and assisting each other back into greater love and understanding. This "plan" all results in exponentially & naturally increasing your love for your Twin, and for your Twin's  love  FOR YOU!    THE  ROMANCE,  THE  COLORS,  THE MERGING,  THE  SACRED LOVEMAKING!    (ooooohhhh,  I cant  wait!)

The  expectations  have  been  raised,  yes  its  true,   and we are in crunch  time!  BUT WE ARE THE FIRST WAVERS!  And  all that  prep work  will make this  effortless!                                                                          
And of course,  like everything else, FREE WILL  plays the timing factor-- but only for going FASTER--  NOT choosing NOT to do it!  If YOU have chosen,  your Twin has also!  Even if you don't see the physical evidence yet!


Be sure  to FINISH  your  last   agreements  which are the  largest!   Ours  have involved  closest  members of our  Families.   Free yourself up and set others free!  Our  Service agreements  to each other are rapidly  dissolving and are  FINISHED!   It does not matter what you have accomplished,  you have  DONE enough!  NOW you should expect the  NEW-- AND  THE LOVE.

With  Love, for the Well Being of you and your Twin's.  And the  Highest expectations for the full emergence of our Life,  in  Union and Reunion with our  TRUE  LOVE,  and the  hugs and  kisses to go with it!

Patricia  McNeilly

About Patricia McNeilly -

Age                                48
Sun Sign                         Cancer
Country                          USA
State                               IL
Occupation                     Twin Flame Healer (former Bank VP)

Mini Bio -

I am a Twin Flame Healer who works with transmuting  large amounts of Entropy [unusable energy] for groups, I no longer do individual sessions as my abilities have grown.  I encourage all to find their  serenity and inner center point, and expect Love to be brought to them.

I am also a StarSeed Twin Flame,  yet to encounter my Twin in physical 3D,(Patricia&Megan)  yet we have connected on every other level.  As a result of this awakening to my Truth, many of my gifts have opened and I have been enabled to be a multidimensional Communicator, Channel, Automatic writer, Transmuter of Entropy, Twin Flame Healer.  Just to keep me grounded,  I am mother to a beautiful 7 year old boy,  and I am a darn good cookie baker.   I live in the Chicago area,  and have gathered some others on the same path,  and we meet for coffee, share and I am blessed there are other ONES on the same path so close to home.  My thanks to Brendan and Paula for their service.


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